A Hybrid Platform

For amazing experiences

The Umajin Platform combines three key technologies to give enterprises the freedom to leverage powerful capabilities

  • Enterprise grade tools enable integration with core systems
  • Low code visual editor speeds development
  • Gaming technologies power visuals and performance
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Umajin Platform

The Umajin Platform has a breakthrough architecture consisting of four products your teams can use collaboratively.

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Umajin Editor

Design and UX are empowered with a visual, drag and drop Editor that supports multi-user editing for real time collaboration. The Editor provides a wide variety of powerful building blocks, turnkey data connectors and solution accelerators.

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Umajin Deployment

Manage versions and deploy with ease to any device running iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows. Manage and deploy asset versions, API versions even manage your machine learning models.

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Umajin Cloud

Manage the dynamic parts of your project such as Feeds, Articles and Forms. Add, edit or remove content such as images, HTML, text and links and have it all appear in your Project without having to republish.

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Umajin Server

Solve the challenge of integrating into your production systems. Server provides turnkey secure and monitored access to resources needed for external web and native applications.

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